Cosmetic Dentistry

Through advances in modern dental materials and techniques, the shape, color and alignment of your teeth can be improved to give you the perfect smile.


There are many techniques Fay Dental can implement to whiten a patient’s smile. The most commonly recommended whitening products can be applied at home! One of these options is Crest Whitestrips Supreme. Crest Whitestrips Supreme are thin, flexible strips that are coated with hydrogen peroxide, an enamel-safe whitening ingredient. They are uniquely designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, whitening even hard to reach areas or crooked teeth.

Bleaching is also a procedure to whiten teeth. A special bleaching formula is placed in a custom-made tray and worn in the mouth. This formula oxidizes stains to lighten teeth several shades; a proven, safe home treatment.


There is no better complement to a beautiful smile than great looking skin. At our office, you can benefit from one of the most popular and effective FDA approved wrinkle fighters to improve and prevent the noticeable signs of aging: BOTOX.

In addition, BOTOX treatments prevent dynamic expression lines from becoming permanent wrinkles and stimulate collagen growth and cell rejuvenation.