Home Care

You can have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime with proper care. This means thorough daily brushing, cleaning between teeth (flossing) and regular dental checkups to avoid tooth decay and periodontal diseases.

Most people know that tooth decay can result in tooth loss if not treated. For adults, periodontal (gum) diseases are a major cause of tooth loss.

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacterial infections that attack gums, ligaments and bone. Although the body has some natural defenses that resist bacterial attacks, these may not fully protect gum and bone tissues from inflammation and infection.

There are several kinds of periodontal diseases. Often painless, these diseases may develop slowly or progress quite rapidly, and they can occur at any age. Unless you have regular dental checkups, including a periodontal exam, you may not be aware you have a problem until your gums and bone have been seriously compromised. This means it is important to have regular dental check ups, including a periodontal exam.

A healthy brushing technique is to massage your gums, so not to cause gum recession by being too abrasive. This can be done by placing your dry brush at a 45 degree angle at the gum line and by using a circular motion then rotating brush with a quick release toward the tongue (release upward on lower arch and downward on upper arch). After repeating this throughout your mouth, add a fluoridated toothpaste and brush the rest of the teeth. Then floss the entire mouth and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. This will ensure a fresh clean mouth and that’s something to smile about.