Financial Arrangements

Most people are very concerned with how they will be able to pay for their dental treatment or are confused about how their insurance works. If you have no insurance we can offer payment plans prior to your dental treatment.  For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express .

If you have insurance we will be glad to gather all the information for you and to explain what your insurance will cover. Most insurance will pay 100% of the cost for evaluating your dental health which includes x-rays, exams and cleaning. Our office staff will gladly file your insurance claims and inform you of the status of your benefits. We accept all traditional insurance and many PPO plans directly to minimize your out-of-pocket expense; sorry, no managed care. Feel free to contact our office to assist you on whether you will receive the maximum benefit by coming to our office. All claims are filed electronically so there is never any need to fill out forms. We accept the following plans:


Horizon BCBS
US Health Care
And many more…



Most people find reading their manual confusing; the following are definitions for commonly used terminology:

Deductibles – This is the portion which you are responsible to pay from your first filed claim. Most commonly this doesn’t always apply for preventive service, which include exam, x-rays and cleanings (sometimes sealant and fluoride for children under 14 years of age).
Maximum – This is the amount that your insurance will pay each year. In some cases your plan may start and end another month other than January to December.
Preventive or Class I Procedure – This pertains to exam X-rays and cleaning, usually any treatment that helps prevent decay or gum disease.
Restorative or Class II – This refers to Fillings, root canals, periodontal treatment and extractions (in some cases single crown).
Major or Class III – This pertains to crowns, bridge and denture. Some insurances cover implants.